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We make it easy for anyone to invest with leased mining equipment. Start turning kilowatts into dollars.

Balance your portfolio With the

Safest, Most Profitable Investment in Crypto Mining


NoRisk Guarantee

If you don't make a profit, we'll extend your lease (at no cost to you) for up to 60 days.


Facilities & Tech

Located in a secure U.S. facility, we maintain our immersion miners to ensure it is always mining.

Never Offline

Always Be Mining

We will service and repair miners (at no cost) to ensure you are mining 95%+ of the time.

Mining Payouts

Daily Withdrawals

Access your mining profit in real-time and cash out daily balance to your crypto-wallet of choice.

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Get Early Access.

Early Birds get our limited time special offer, priority placement in our liquid immersion facility.

Most profitable mining solution compared traditional & cloud mining*
Eligible to lease up to 5 machines (Limited Spots Available)
No Hidden Fees. Pricing starts at $680 USD per month.
Early access miners will start mining in Aug. 2022

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How many machines should we reserve?

$680 per month
We have 250 mining machines available. These machines will be ready to begin mining in July 2022.

We will contact you at the email address provided if there is a machine available. You will have 24 hours to complete your lease agreement and provide a deposit for the machine before you lose your place in line.
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Join us before we sell out.
We only have 250 machines

NoRisk Guarantee
If you don't make a profit, we'll extend your lease (at no cost to you) for up to 60 days.

*Rate of return is estimated based on $40,000 Bitcoin price value.

What's My Return On Investment?

We’ve taken your profitability into question so we've developed our immersion technology to get you the best return in the industry.

Our +150% Performance Guarantee

Our facility overclocks all miners to get you 50% more performance compared to other solutions. With improved efficiency & best in industry pricing, you're guaranteed to yield the most with our miners.

Why NoRisk Mining?

Mining management can be time-consuming, and ignoring your machines will lead them to underperform.

No Hidden Fees

We take care of everything from A-Z. We will service and repair your miners at no cost.

+50% Performance

Our Miners yield 50% more than traditional mining solution - meaning more return your investment.

Reserve Your Machine

Place your order and reserve your machine placement for our Aug. 2022 launch date.

Machine Online

All miners are scheduled to be online Aug. 2022 in our liquid immersion facility. Your miner will start earning on Day 1.

See Your Earnings

Earnings are paid out to your account daily. All balance are available for withdrawal to your crypto-wallet of choice.

Tech that helps you make more money

Increase earnings with our liquid immersion tech

Our proprietary liquid immersion technology cools your mining machines, increasing their performance by 50%. This is why we’re able to offer the highest profit margins in the industry.
Increase Performance
Liquid immersion cooling technology boosts mining machine performance by 50%.
Make More Money
NoRiskMining passes those extra efficiencies on to you in the form of increased profits.

It’s all about the rate of return

Start With More. Get Better Returns.

Start making money on Day 1. The additional returns from our liquid immersion technology stack up over time.

No Risk Miners earned 50% more than those who used a Traditional Hosting Solution.

Reserve Your Machine →

You can earn 50% more than a Traditional Hosting Solution.

Reserve your machine
Machine Model (HashRate)
S19 Immersion Model (165T)
Initial Investment
Investment Terms (Years)
BTC Output Per Day
Monthly Hosting Fees
Monthly Net Profit
Annual Net Profit
Annual Net Return %
No Risk Mining
Machine Model (HashRate)
S19 XT (145T)
Initial Investment
Investment Terms (Years)
BTC Output Per Day
Monthly Hosting Fees
Monthly Net Profit
Annual Net Profit
Annual Net Return %
Traditional Hosting
Machine Model (HashRate)
S19 or Comparable Model (1T)
Initial Investment
Investment Terms (Years)
BTC Output Per Day
Monthly Hosting Fees
Monthly Net Profit
Annual Net Profit
Annual Net Return %
Cloud Mining
Machine Model (HashRate)
Initial Investment
Investment Terms (Years)
BTC Output Per Day
Monthly Hosting Fees
Monthly Net Profit
Annual Net Profit
Annual Net Return %

BTC Price: $40,000.00

*Earning and ROI is estimated based on Bitcoin Price of $40,000 and difficulty of 27571T, both are subject to change daily. NoRisk Mining does not guarantee that earnings, return on investment, or lifetime profits will be substantially similar or equal to the estimated values stated here.

Best In Class Stats

With the highest terahash per second in the industry, our machines outperform both Traditional Hosting and Cloud Hosting solutions.

Reserve Your Machine →
165 TH/s
Get more out of your hardware. Our immersion technology allows for 50% increase performance from our miners.
+130% ROI*
(*Based on $40,000 Bitcoin valuation)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the pre-order end?

Pre-order ends May 15

What types of mining machines are available?

We're using an S19J Pro overclocked through Liquid Immersion

Why do you need to connect to my wallet?

All mined Bitcoin will be transferred to your account on a daily basis. You can connect your wallet to withdraw your available balance.

Why isn't everyone doing this?

Liquid immersion is a complex system requiring specific engineering knowledge in order to be manageable at scale.

We’ve reduced the complexity and increased the performance of immersion mining with our proprietary technology.

Doing so allows us to provide you with the best-in-class machines yielding you the highest return possible.

What are the risks of crypto mining?

Like with any investment, cryptocurrency has its inherent risk and rewards. We are not financial advisors and recommends that you consult with the appropriate professional prior to making any investments.

How long is my lease term?

1 year lease term with option for renewal.

What are the fees related to mining with No Risk Mining?

No additional fees besides your monthly payment if you choose a payment plan. Our price is a fixed cost inclusive of all services related to mining during the duration of your lease term.

Our Roadmap

We have ambitious plans for 2022. See what’s coming up next on our roadmap.

Facilities secured & mining machines ordered

We've secured facilities in the United States and have secured our premium mining machines from the manufacturer.

Pre-orders begin

We'll begin accepting pre-orders for our first 250 backers in April 2022.

Pre-orders end

We expect to sell out, so don't miss out on the exclusive pre-order deals and perks. Our pre-order period will end on May 15, 2022.

Mining begins

The first 250 mining machines will have arrived at our secure facility and will be ready to begin mining in August 2022.

New facilities

We plan to expand, opening new, US and Canada based facilities in the fall of 2022.

New, upgraded mining machines available

We have exclusive access to new, upgraded machines. They operate faster and more efficiently. Our early bird backers will receive exclusive, early access to these machines.

NoRisk Guarantee
If you don't make a profit, we'll extend your lease (at no cost to you) for up to 60 days.